Our Workforce Strategies Survey – We’d love your input

Dear Colleagues,

California is facing a health workforce crisis. We are not adequately meeting the health needs of all Californians, and the challenges are getting worse.

California’s Future Health Workforce Commission is working now to address this crisis by developing practical strategies to help address this urgent need. The Commission’s focus is building a future workforce with the right people, in the right places, with the right competencies, to promote health and deliver care to all Californians.

We need your expertise
A draft set of strategies will be reviewed by the Commission at the end of June and refined in subsequent months. We are seeking input from key stakeholders like you on priority workforce needs and some of the draft strategies that may be considered to make sure our work is on track. Please take our survey to share your feedback  before July 27.

We know you are busy
The Commission’s Subcommittees have generated a broad range of potential strategies in our 3 priority focus areas: primary care and prevention, behavioral health and aging. We also have strategies and questions that pertain to overall health workforce and education needs. Each section could take up to 15 minutes to complete. Don’t let the length of the survey deter you! You may choose to answer just a few questions, provide input on selected strategies, or review them all, depending on your interest. All feedback is welcome.

Share with your partners!
Please share the survey widely. The more, and more diverse, participants we have, the better our information will be about whether this work is on the right track.

Go to the survey HERE.

Thank you for your time and interest!
– CFHWC Staff