Greg Hicks

CEO, Foster, Hicks & Associates

Greg Hicks is a pioneer in the research of individual and group well-being and leadership, a national best-selling author, and CEO of FosterHicks, a company that helps people and organizations achieve success.

For the last two decades, Greg and has been presenting keynotes at global conferences and facilitating strategy and training sessions with senior leadership teams at major medical centers including NYU Medical Center, Stanford Medical Center, UCSF Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic, and at international companies such as GE, Wells Fargo (with executives during the merger with Wachovia), Google, Dell, Mercedes-Benz and Hilton Hotels.  His expertise lies in leading high-level groups to successfully solidify ideas, create action plans, and execute accountably.

Most recently, Greg joined forces with Stanford neuroscientists Kevin Weiner and Melina Uncapher to create The Institute for Applied Neuroscience whose mission is to unleash the power of brain and behavioral science to shape high-impact solutions to our most critical social problems.  In this capacity, Greg has consulted with non-profits dedicated to equality and inclusion including facilitating the annual Board meetings for the SF LGBT Center, presenting personal leadership programs at Fresh Lifelines for Youth, an organization devoted to breaking the cycle of violence and crime for teens, and is the creator and facilitator of UCSF Med Center’s Pathways Program which provides cancer patients with the tools to regain a sense of control and purpose.

Greg has been on the faculties of the American Hospital Association’s Fellowship Programs, the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, San Jose State University, and continues to be a frequent lecturer at Stanford University and the Global Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Hicks has appeared on numerous national T.V. and radio shows and has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and magazines such as Health, Fitness, Self, Good Housekeeping, Fit, Working Mother, Redbook, Prevention, and Readers’ Digest.