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At the Commission’s second meeting on November 8, 2017, three subcommittees were formed – one for each of the Commission’s priority areas – to develop strategies to known workforce challenges and to envision the future health workforce. Each subcommittee is made up of Commissioners, Technical Advisory Committee Members, and outside experts in the field.

Since November, each subcommittee has continued to meet, explore relevant data and research, and refine both initial strategies for addressing known workforce problems and the future envisioned state. The subcommittees have reflected on the following approaches:

  • Future state aspirations and assumptions;
  • Impact of technology and transformed models;
  • Workforce implications and challenges;
  • Research on needs, opportunities, solutions;
  • Lessons learned and promising practices.

To see a list of each subcommittee’s members please follow the links below.

Primary Care and Prevention

Behavioral Health

Healthy Aging and Care for Older Adults